Southern Cavy Club Star Scheme

The SCC Star Scheme is a way of celebrating the wins of your best cavies. Shows run by SCC affiliated clubs and run under SCC rules will have a star status.  As a SCC member you are entitled to collect these stars and claim awards. 

How does it work?

Stars are collected on an annual basis from 1st January to 31st December and are collected for each individual cavy, rather than for the exhibitor.  Stars cannot be exchanged between cavies.

Stars are awarded for breed class wins at SCC affiliated shows. Only 1st prize cards count towards a claim, regardless of the number of entries in the class. Challenge cards do not count. You can collect stars for pets as well as for purebred cavies.

Please note that only SCC stars count, and can only be used once.

Collecting stars can lead to winning the following awards:

Open Show and Adult Owned Pets awards:
45* Trophy or Certificate with a photograph of the winning cavy on
30* Rosette or Personalised Certificate
15* Rosette or Personalised Certificate

Juveniles Purebreds and Juvenile Owned Pet awards:
30* Trophy or Certificate with a photograph of the winning cavy on
15* Rosette or Personalised Certificate
10* Rosette or Personalised Certificate

Star status of SCC Affiliated shows

The number of stars being offered by a show can be found on their schedules and adverts. It should also be found on the prize cards. The Show Secretary should sign or initial the backs of all First Prize cards in breed classes to validate them. If a First prize card is incorrect, Secretaries are requested to re issue the card.

If the above details are not on the card then you need to write them yourself on the back of the card before asking the judge to sign it, which they will do after checking that that the breed, colour, age and sex of the cavy appear somewhere on the card and there are no alterations on the card.

If this information is missing, it makes it very difficult for the Show Support Secretary to check and approve applications for awards and may result in either delays in clearing claims, or even having them rejected.         

How to claim

At the end of the year, if you have sufficient cards to claim a Star Award, you need to send or give all the relevant cards to the Star Scheme Secretary whose details can be found at the front of this book. If posting your cards, include a large stamped envelope (please ensure you pay the correct postage) for the safe return of your award and cards, or arrange to collect these at a show.  In order for your claim to be noted in the yearbook, claims must be made by the 31st December.  Claims can be made after that time, but will not go in the yearbook until the following year. 

Star Scheme 

All SCC affiliated Clubs are able to offer Star Shows by purchasing them from the Southern Cavy Club on your behalf - this means that the awards themselves are then free to you. 

The Star ratings are as follows:

One Star Show

       An Open Box / Table Show with a Judge who is an SCC member

Two Star Show

  1. An open Pen Show with a recognised Cavy Club Judge (see championships)
  2. An open Pen Show judged by a member who has successfully completed the Club’s Judges’ Accreditation Programme.
  3. An open Pen Show judged by a member who was on the judging panel in the last six years and has not yet sought re election.
  4. In the Channel Isles an OPEN Pen Show judged by a Southern CC member

Three Star Show

  1. An open Pen Show with Guaranteed Prize Money
  2. An open Pen Show with a minimum of 75% Prize Money and three or more recognised Judges in the open section (not including Juveniles)
  3. In the Channel Isles an open Pen Show judged by a Recognised Judge.

Four Star Shows

  1. Southern Cavy Club Stock Shows
  2. The open Show of the Club hosting the SCC Show above.

Five Star Show

Southern Cavy Club Combined Stock Show

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