Canterbury & Coast Cavy Club 9th April 2017 Results

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Julie Gallagher  Nonselfs & Clipped

Ian Reynolds Selfs & RVs

Kaye Thomas Pets 

Breed Main Show Junior PEW/DEC/PEG/BLK Geraldine Porter 

SAF/DEW/DEG/BUF/PEC Geraldine Porter 
Red/Lil/Bei/Choc/Sla Chall Orenberg Stud 
Best Self Geraldine Porter 

Abyssinian Lovelace Cavies 
Longhair Heather Sargeant 
Rex Rexcalibur Cavies 
Teddy Rexcalibur Cavies 
Crested JPS Barnard 

Best Coated JPS Barnard 

Dutch Madeline Coomber 
Agouti Madeline Coomber 

Himalayan Caspen Cavies 
Fox/Tan/Otter/Roan/AOV Cathy’s Orchard Stud 

Best Marked and Ticked Cathy’s Orchard Stud 
Non Self JPS Barnard 
Grand Challenge JPS Barnard 

Best RV JPS Barnard (Blue Self) 
Best New and Emerging Eloise Kilby (Californian) 

Best Pet Jacqui Nicholson Ewan Salter Veteran HUGS Cavies 
Super Pet Jacqui Nicholson 

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