Kent Cavy Club 7th Octember 2018 Resuits

                                                                                         More photos of the show 

Best In Show SCC YSS


Self, JPB, G/S & NEB – Penny Bell

Non-Self, Clipped - Julie Gallagher

Adult Owned Pets – Lesley Putt

Junior Owned Pets - Geraldine Porter  

Young SS

BIS YSS:           90:     Black English Crested.  JPS Barnard

Reserve:           38:     PE Cream.  Geraldine Porter

3rd:                     50:     Alpaca.  Paul & Louise Benson


Self YSS

First:                  38:     PE Cream.  Geraldine Porter

2nd:                    35:     DE Golden.  George Leete

3rd:                     31:     Chocolate.   Barbara Glue


Non-Self YSS


First:                 50:     Alpaca.  Paul & Louise Benson

AOV Coated YSS

First:                  90:     Black English Crested.  JPS Barnard

2nd:                    47:     Abyssinian Brindle.  Daphne Beardsley 

3rd:                     80:     Agouti Rex.  Guineapig Wonderland

Marked & Ticked YSS

First:                116:     Black Dalmation. Cathy’s Orchard Stud

2nd:                  107:     AOC Dutch.  Roni Clinch

3rd:                   117:     Tortoise & White.  Beach House Cavies


Supporting Classes – AV AD & 5/8

First:                   85:     American Crested Ad.  Chris Fay

2nd:                     48:     Sheltie 5/8.  Lynne Steele

3rd:                      6:     PE Golden Ad.  Chris Fay 


Supporting Self -

First:                    6:     PE Golden Ad.  Chris Fay 

2nd:                    14:     DE Golden Ad.  George Leete

3rd:                       5:     PE Golden Ad.  Lily Leete


Supporting Non-Self –

First:                  85:     American Crested Ad.  Chris Fay

2nd:                    48:     Sheltie 5/8.  Lynne Steele

3rd:                    113:     Black Dalmation Ad. Cathy’s Orchard Stud


Guide Standard

Young SS

First:                139:     Lemon Chinchilla.  Kingate Cavies

2nd:                  145:     Choc/Cream Californian. Aurora Cavies

3rd:                   138:     Silver Chinchilla.  Kingate Cavies

Supporting Classes – AD & 5/8

First:                124:     Swiss 5/8. Guineapig Wonderland

2nd:                  119:     Cream Chinchilla Ad. Kingate Cavies

3rd:                   126:     Silver Chinchilla 5/8.  Kingate Cavies

New / Emerging Breeds

Young SS

I entered but absent.

Supporting Classes – AD & 5/8

First:                151:     Caramel Ad. Cardens Cavies

2nd:                  152:     Minipli 5/8. Paul & Louise Benson 


Junior Purebred

Young SS

First:                 29:     PE Golden. Sophie-ann Salter 

2nd:                  101:     Solid Satin. Taylor Crowhurst 

Supporting Classes – AD & 5/8

First:                65:     Teddy Ad. Morgan Benson

2nd:                  66:     Teddy Ad. Kai Benson

3rd:                   61:    Teddy 5/8. Taylor Crowhurst

Junior Guide Standard AA

First:           128: Cream Chinchilla 5/8. Harriet Lewis 

2nd:             146:  Choc/White Californian U/5. Ewan Salter

Clipped Longhair AA

First:           156: 5/8. Bethany Salter  

2nd:             154: Ad. Angela North

Junior Owned Pet Classes

Young SS

First:                187:     Rough sow.  Bethany Salter 

2nd:                  183:     Smooth sow.  Sophie-ann Salter 

3rd:                   181:     Smooth sow.  Sophie-ann Salter

Supporting Classes – AD & 5/8

First:                168:     Rough sow Ad. Noah Shakeshaft

2nd:                  170:     Rough sow Ad. Harriet Lewis

3rd:                   174:    Crested Ad. Grace Mckelvey

Adult Owned Pet Classes

Young SS

First:                293:     Crested sow.  Ann Gammage

2nd:                  274:     Smooth sow.  Spotnic Cavies

3rd:                   277:     Smooth boar.  Kelly Rider


Supporting Classes – AD & 5/8

First:                191:     Smooth sow Ad. Ann Gammage

2nd:                  257:     Rough boar 5/8. Spotnic Cavies 

3rd:      247:    Smooth sow 5/8. Spotnic Cavies

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