North Herts Cavy Association 22nd April 2017 Results

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Judging BIS (1 of 2)

Self’s, RV JPB ,Simon Neesam

N/Self, Ian Reynolds

Pets Angela North 


BIS:                     122: DE Cream U5. Cranwells Cavies

Reserve:              142: Teddy AD. Guineapigwonderland

3rd:                         83: DE Cream AD. Cranwells Cavies


Best Self


First:                   122: DE Cream U5. Cranwells Cavies

Reserve:                83: DE Cream AD. Cranwells Cavies

3rd:                      100: DE Cream 5/8. K&L Clydesdale





First:                      142: Teddy AD. Guineapigwonderland

Reserve:                 152: Rex 5/8. Abbie Pizer

3rd:                         158: Shelti 5/8. D&C Payne




BIS:                       86: Black Self.  Georgia Brown

Reserve:              133: Rex. Savannah Cavies

3rd:                        93: Lilac Self. Thomas Carden




Juv Pet


BIS:                     11: Georgia Brown

Reserve:              12: Georgia Brown

3rd:                      21: James Bell


Adult Pet


BIS:                     40: Jacqui Nicholson

Reserve:              39: Pigateers

3rd:                      61: Jacqui Nicholson


Super Pet


1st:                      11: Georgia Brown

Reserve:              40: Jacqui Nicholson

3rd:                      39: Pigateers



Best Gst


Best:                    190: Blue AD. D&C Payne

Reserve:              192: Swiss 5/8. Guineapigwonderland

3rd:                      196: Blue U5. Mohawk Cavies




Best:                    201: Californian. U5. Guineapigwonderland

Reserve:              199: Californian. AD. Tillie Evans

3rd:                      198: Californian AD. Cardens Cavies

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