North Herts Cavy Association Rsults 28th October 2017

More photos of the show 

Inside the Hall of North Herts Cavy Association (3 of 3)

Self’s, RV, JPB, Clipped. Ian Cinderby

N/Self Ray Woolston

 Ad Ex Pets  DJ Davis


BIS:                  154:     Texel. Susanne Bonelov

Reserve:          103:     Black Self. B&H Wood

3rd:                   157:     Alpaca. Julie Gallagher



First:                103:     Black Self. B&H Wood

Reserve:            89:     DE Golden AD. P&D Nunn

3rd:                     98:     Chocolate 5/8. Norman Field



First:                154:     Texel. Susanne Bonelov

Reserve:          157:     Alpaca. Julie Gallagher

3rd:                   171:     Sheltie. Susanne Bonelov



First:                196:     Lunkarya. Kanyininpa Cavies

Reserve:          191:     Lunkarya. A&P Pizer

3rd:                   182:     Swiss. Guineapigwonderland



First:                199:     Californian. Tilli Evans

Reserve:          200:     Californian. Sarah Calver

3rd:                   198:     Californian. Guineapigwonderland



First:                181:     Dalmatian. Tilli Evans

Reserve:          155:     Alpaca. Tilli Evans

3rd:                     91:     Black Self. Tilli Evans


Juv Pet

First:                    3:     Abigail Bell. 

Reserve:            17:     James Bell. 

3rd:                       7:     Katrina May. 


Adult Pet

First:                  48:     Julie Gallagher

Reserve:            83:     Wispa Cavies

3rd:                     76:     Katrina & Sapphire


Super Pet

First:                    3:     Abigail Bell

Reserve:            48:     Julie Gallagher

3rd:                     83:     Wispa Cavies




First:                206:     Alpaca. Longlocks Cavies

Reserve:          209:     Alpaca. Julie Gallagher

3rd:                   210:     Alpaca. Katrina & Sapphire

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