Southern Cavy Club 80th Anniversary & Combined Stock Show 23rd July 2017 Results

Judges for the day (3 of 3)

 BIS: Diane Nunn, Adult Self: Bernard Wiles, Adult Non Self: Roger Couchman.  Intermediate Self: Sue Hearn.  Intermediate Non Self:  Trudy Couchman.  Young Self, JPB & Clipped: Ian Cinderby. Young Non Self:  Graham Godfrey,  Rare Varieties: Sue Pearce, Pets,:  Margaret & Graham Thorpe       

                                                                                                   More Photos of the show 

80th Aniverssary

 Combined Stock Show 

BIS:                          1:    Black Adult.  Elite Stud

Reserve:                229:    Alpaca 5/8.  J & R Matthews



 Adult Stock Show

BIS:                           1:    Black.  Elite Stud

Reserve:                  85:    PEW English Crested.  Margaret Hooper

3rd:                         92:      Silver Agouti.  Barbara Glue


Adult Self

First:                        1:      Black.  Elite Stud

Reserve:                ..39:    DE Golden.  Julie Gallagher

3rd:                          24:    PE Golden.  Cindy Heidebluth


Adult Non Self

First:                       85:    PEW English Crested.  Margaret Hooper

Reserve:                92:      Silver Agouti.  Barbara Glue

3rd:                         288:    Alpaca Adult.  J & R Matthews


Intermediate Stock Show

BIS:                       229:    Alpaca.  J & R Matthews 

Reserve:                444:    Black Fox.  Dryad Cavies 

3rd:                         230:    Alpaca.  Julie Gallagher


Intermediate Self

First:                     201:    Black.  Elite Stud

Reserve:                210:    PE Golden.  Bristol Stud

3rd:                         216:    Slate.  Delabole Cavies.


Intermediate Non Self

First:                     229:    Alpaca.  J & R Matthews 

Reserve:                444:    Black Fox.  Dryad Cavies 

3rd:                         230:    Alpaca.  Julie Gallagher


 Young Stock Show 

BIS:                       334:    Black.  JPS Barnard

Reserve:                370:    Alpaca.  Matthews & Davey

3rd:                         344:    PE Golden.  Bristol Stud


Young Self

First:                     334:    Black.  JPS Barnard

Reserve:                344:    PE Golden.  Bristol Stud

3rd:                         335:    Black.  Harmony Cavies


Young Non Self Self

First:                     370:    Alpaca.  Matthews & Davey

Reserve:                363:    Sheltie.  Lynne Steele

3rd:                         379:    Teddy.  Perfume Pigs


Juv PB

BIS:                       135:    Teddy.  Ewan Salter

Reserve:                136:    Abyssinian.  Niamh Lamb

3rd:                         288:    Lilac.  Niamh Lamb


Guide Std

BIS:                       274:    Swiss 5/8  L & L Powrie

Reserve:                396:    Swiss U/5.  L & L Powrie

3rd:                         122:    Swiss Adult.  Springville Stud




BIS:                       404:    Californian U/5.  Aurora Cavies

Reserve:                127:    Californian Adult.  Aurora Cavies

3rd:                         286:    Californian 5/8.  Aurora Cavies



Best:                      197:    Alpaca Adult.  Julie Gallagher

Reserve:                330:    Texel 5/8.  Julie Gallagher

3rd:                         200:    Peruvian Adult.  Mrs J White


Juv Pet

Best Adult:            142:    Lillie-Ann Pearce

Best 5/8:                289:    Niamh Lamb

Best U/5:               415:    Sophie-Ann Salter


Adults Pet

Best Adult:            187:    Ark Royal Stud

Best 5/8:                310:    Julie Gallagher

Best U/5:               420:    L & L Powrie



Best Adult:            187:    Ark Royal Stud

Best 5/8:                310:    Julie Gallagher

Best U/5:               415:    Sophie-Ann Salter


Superpet AA:        187:    Ark Royal Stud

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