Wessex Cavy Club 4th June 2017 Results 

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Wessex CC Lytchett Matravers-2659

Southern Cavy Club

 Summer Stock Show

Selfs, JPB & RVs: Ian Reynolds. 

Non Self: Sue Pearce.

Pets: Sue Francis


BIS:                   21:     Lilac 5/8.  Barnwell Stud

Reserve:            57:     Alpaca 5/8.  Julie Gallagher

3rd:                     16:     PEW English Crested.  Margaret Hooper



First:                  21:     Lilac 5/8.  Barnwell Stud 

Reserve:            30:     Lilac U/5.  Barnwell Stud

3rd:                       1:     PEW adult.  Margaret Hooper


Non Self

First:                  57:     Alpaca 5/8.  Julie Gallagher

Reserve:            79:     PEW English Crested.  Margaret Hooper

3rd:                     84:     Chocolate Agouti.  Barnwell Stud



First:                  44:     Aby.    Ariella Gerson

Reserve:            43:     Aby.    Louis Gerson

3rd:                       3:     PEW.  Niamh Lamb


Guide Standard

First:                134:     Swiss.  L&L Powrie

Reserve:         124:     Swiss.  Barnwell Stud

3rd:                   119:     Swiss.  L&L Powrie



First:                135:     Californian.  J&B Cavies


Juv Pet

First:                143:     Niamh Lamb

Reserve:          139:     Ariella Gerson

3rd:                   137:     Louis Gerson


Adult Pet

First:                148:     Ark Royal Stud (Sergeant Pepper)

Reserve:          197:       L&L Powrie (Doris)

3rd:                   176:       Katrina Goodship (Leofric)


Super Pet

First:                148:     Ark Royal Stud (Sergeant Pepper)



Clipped Longhair

First:                167:     Julie Gallagher

Reserve:          152:       Katrina Goodship

3rd:                   178:       Julie Gallagher


Selfs, JPB & RVs    Helen McCormick

Non Self  Jim McCormick

Pets: Chris Fay


BIS:                   49:     Texel adult.  Di-L-Emma Stud

Reserve:              1:     PEW adult.  Margaret Hooper

3rd:                     21:     Lilac 5/8.  Barnwell Stud



First:                    1:     PEW adult.  Margaret Hooper

Reserve:            21:     Lilac 5/8.  Barnwell Stud

3rd:                     38:     DE White U/5.  Nowell Stud


Non Self

First:                  49:     Texel adult.  Di-L-Emma Stud

Reserve:          107:     Golden Agouti.  Barnwell Stud

3rd:                     72:     Satin Solid 5/8.  Nowell Stud



First:                    3:     PEW.  Niamh Lamb 

Reserve:            46:     Aby.  Niamh Lamb

3rd:                     44:     Aby.  Ariella Gerson


Guide Standard

First:                117:     Swiss.  Springville Stud

Reserve:          134:     Swiss.  L&L Powrie

3rd:                   124:     Swiss.  Barnwell Stud



First:                135:     Californian.  J&B Cavies


Juv Pet

First:                138:     Niamh Lamb

Reserve:          143:     Niamh Lamb

3rd:                   141:     Niamh Lamb


Adult Pet

First:                160:     Julie Gallagher (Lillibet)

Reserve:          197:     L&L Powrie (Doris)

3rd:                   165:     L&L Powrie (Saba)


Super Pet

First:                160:     Julie Gallagher (Lillibet)

Reserve:          138:     

 Dalmation & Roan  Cavy Club Show 

Darren Mitchell


Dalmation BIS: 100:     Black. Wicormill Stud  

Reserve:          101:     Chocolate.  Wicormill Stud  

3rd:                   102:     Chocolate.  Wicormill Stud  


Roan BIS:          96:     Golden.  R&S Askew

Reserve:          110:     Black.  R&S Askew

3rd:                     95:     Golden.  Sharon Collis  

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