Wessex Cavy Show 1st October 2017 Results 

More Photos of the Show 

1st 2nd 3rd BIS  (2 of 2)

Self & RVs: Ian Cinderby

Non Self: George Leete

Pets: Leigh Steevens

BIS:                   44:     Alpaca.  Julie Gallagher

Reserve:            21:     Black.  Harmony Cavies

3rd:                     15:     PE White.  Maplewood Stud



First:                  21:     Black.  Harmony Cavies

Reserve:            15:     PE White.  Maplewood Stud

3rd:                       8:     DE White.  Sandhills Stud



First:                  44:     Alpaca.  Julie Gallagher

Reserve:            37:     Rex. Par Cavies

3rd:                     48:     Alpaca.  Julie Gallagher


Marked & Ticked

First:                  53:     Black Dutch.  Tess King

Reserve:            55:     Himalayan. Par Cavies

3rd:                     54:     Golden Roan. Fay Lamb


Guide Standard

First:                  64:     Chinchilla AD.  Maplewood Stud

Reserve:            67:     Swiss 5/8. Springville Stud

3rd:                     72:     Swiss U5. Springville Stud


Juv Pet

First:                  79:     Michaela Cummins (Poppy)

Reserve:            84:     Michaela Cummins (Daphne)

3rd:                     77:     Michaela Cummins (Harvey)


Adult Pet

First:                101:     Amethyst Stud

Reserve:            91:     Amethyst Stud

3rd:                   120:     L&L Powrie


Super Pet

First:                101:     Amethyst Stud

Reserve:            91:     Amethyst Stud

3rd:                     79:     Michaela Cummins (Poppy)


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