Wiltshire Cavy Club 11th March Results

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Judging BIS (1 of 1)

Self’s, RV JPB ,Gerry Harvey

N/Self, Penny Bell

Pets T. Price 


BIS:                     41: Sheltie 5/8 Lynne Steele

Reserve:              33: DE Golden R&S Busst

3rd:                      93: PE White Crested AD Margaret Hooper

Best Self

First:                   33: DE Golden R&S Busst

Reserve:              10: PE Golden. Bristol Stud 

3rd:                      34: DE Golden Julie Gallagher


First:                      41: Sheltie 5/8 Lynne Steele

Reserve:                 93: PE White Crested AD Margaret Hooper

3rd:                         44: Coronet 5/8. Joan Quirke


BIS:                     104: Tort & White. Lillie-anne Pearse 

Juv Pet

BIS:                     139: Lillie-anne Pearse

Reserve:              142: Georgia Francis

3rd:                      141: Georgia Francis

Adult Pet

BIS:                     210: L&L Powrie

Reserve:              143: J&B Cavies

3rd:                      232: Katrina Goodship

Super Pet

1st:                      210: L&L Powrie

Best Gst

Best:                    131: Swiss U5. L&L Powrie

Reserve:              240: Chinchilla AD. ?

3rd:                      123: Swiss AD. L&L Powrie


Best:                    133: Californian Rose Freeman

Reserve:              134: Bristol Stud


Best:                    238: L&L Powrie

Reserve:              220: Julie Gallagher

3rd:                      236: J&B Cavies

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