Wiltshire Cavy Club 14th October Results

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inside Cricklade Town Hall  (1 of 2)

Self’s, RV JPB, Evlyn-van Vliet

N/Self, Don Payne. 

Pets Carol Payne 

BIS:                   13:     PE Golden. Bristol Stud

Reserve:            39:     Sheltie U5. B&E Emmett

3rd:                     51:     Alpaca 5/8. Tracey Oakes



First:                  13:     PE Golden. Bristol Stud

Reserve:            11:     DE Cream. R&S Busst

3rd:                     22:     Red. Harmony Cavies



First:                  90:     Teddy.  Perfume Pigs

Reserve:          103:     PEW Eng Crested.  Margaret Hooper

3rd:                     98:     B/E Crested. Leigh-Anne Borkar



First:                  39:     Sheltie U5. B&E Emmett

Reserve:            51:     Alpaca 5/8. Tracey Oakes

3rd:                     47:     Peruvian 5/8. Baladeva Cavies



First:                110:     T&W. Mandy Satchell

Reserve:          111:     T&W. Lillie-Ann Pearce

3rd:                   106:     Solid Agouti. Optimist Stud



First:                136:     Teddy. Kiera Gifford

Reserve:          111:     T&W. Lillie-Ann Pearce




First:                126:     Blue. Harmony Cavies

Reserve:          124:     Lunkarya. Dawbell Cavies

3rd:                   127:     Blue. Harmony Cavies


Juv Pet

First:                147:     Lillie-Ann Pearce (Princes Fiona)

Reserve:          141:     Georgia Francis

3rd:                   139:     Fraser Shuttleworth


Adult Pet

First:                211:     Ark Royal Stud (Purdy)

Reserve:          190:     Blossom Cavies

3rd:                   156:     L&L Powrie


Super Pet

First:                147:     Lillie-Ann Pearce

Reserve:          211:     Ark Royal Stud

3rd:                   141:     Georgia Francis

4th:                     190:    Blossom Cavies

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