Worthing & Eastergate Cavy Club 12th December 2017 Results

Helen and Jim McCormick (1 of 1)

More photos of the show 

Selfs, JPB, RVs & Veterans: Jim McCormick

Non Selfs: Helen McCormick 

Pets:  Jason Caulfield

Jason Caulfield Pets (2 of 2)


BIS:                   11:     DE White adult.  Nowell Stud

Reserve:            49:     Rex Adult.  Rexcalibur Cavies

3rd:                     38:     Alpaca 5/8.  Julie Gallagher


First:                  11:     DE White adult.  Nowell Stud

Reserve:              5:     DE Cream adult.  Geraldine Porter

3rd:                     14:     DE White adult.  Maplewood Stud

Non Self

First:                  49:     Rex Adult.  Rexcalibur Cavies

Reserve:            38:     Alpaca 5/8.  Julie Gallagher

3rd:                     69:     Solid Agouti.  Maplewood Stud.


First:                    6:     PEG.  Henry Bianchi

Guide Standard

First:                  77:     Chinchilla 5/8.  Maplewood Stud

Reserve:            78:     Chinchilla adult.  Maplewood Stud Cavies

3rd:                     73:     Swiss adult.  Kaye Thomas


First:                  79:     Californian.  Geraldine Porter

Juv Pet

First:                148:     Chloe Sinden

Reserve:          156:     Henry Bianchi

3rd:                   151:     Henry Bianchi

Adult Pet

First:                131:     Jacqui Nicholson

Reserve:          144:     Gryphon Stud

3rd:                     84:     Gryphon Stud


First:                148:     Chloe Sinden

Reserve:          131:     Jacqui Nicholson

3rd:                     84:     Gryphon Stud

Veteran PB

First:                158:     Silver Agouti.  Barbara Glue

Reserve:          157:     Chocolate.  Barbara Glue

3rd:                     72:     Choc Himalayan.  Hugs Cavies

Junior Veteran Pet

First:                148:     Chloe Sinden

Adult Veteran Pet

First:                139:     Julie Gallagher  

Reserve:          126:     Hugs Cavies

3rd:                   160:     Linda Smalley

Best Veteran Pet

First:                139:     Julie Gallagher  

Reserve:          126:     Hugs Cavies

3rd:                   148:     Chloe Sinden

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