Guidance on how to claim a Southern Cavy Club Championship

For a cavy to win a Southern Cavy Club Championship is an honour and a tremendous accolade and is not easy to achieve. Qualifying a cavy for a Championship shows that the cavy has been winning consistently over a prolonged period against good opposition and under a number of judges, and is therefore worthy of such an award.

Southern Cavy Club Triple Championship Certificate

In order to qualify, the cavy must have won seven breed classes, at least five of which must be from adult classes, and the other two can be from 5/8 or U/5 classes. For the win to qualify, there must be at least three exhibits present in each class and the wins must be under five different judges.

If there are fewer than three exhibits in the Breed Class, a Best of Breed win at the same show, (as long as there are eight or more entries), or a Best Self or a Best Non Self win at that show will count towards a Championship claim.

All Judges must be recognised Panel Judges. (See SCC Club Rule 13 for the recognised Panels). Specialist Club judges are only recognised if they are on the breed club’s judging panel of the breed you are claiming for.

As well as meeting the above criteria, two of the cards must be from wins at a Southern Cavy Club Stock Show.

What do you, the exhibitor need to do?

All cards must have breed /age /sex /colour details on them, Breed and age should be on the front of the card in the Breed class title – e.g. Black Dutch U/5. On the back of the card you must then write the sex of the pig and the colour of the cavy if it is not already included in the breed class title. For example, if the card states: Class: Agouti Rex you must state the colour, e.g. Silver. These details confirm that the card relates to the cavy concerned.

Check that the show secretary has initialled the card, and has written on the back if there were any absentees and then you are ready to ask the judge at the show to sign the card. This authenticates the card and shows that the judge considers the cavy to be a worthy winner.

If cards are submitted as part of your claim without these details, or unsigned / uninitialled they will be returned. In addition, no cards will be accepted which bear obvious alterations or have pieces of adhesive paper defacing them in any way.

You can now make your claim. Post your cards to the Championship Secretary, Mr Ian Reynolds, 16 Tennyson Road, Wootton Bassett, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN4 8HL. Make sure you include the name of the cavy you are claiming for. You will receive a certificate with a photograph of your cavy (please provide this). To avoid damage, we prefer to make arrangements to deliver the certificate to a show rather than posting it.

Championship applications require checking and this may take a couple of weeks (or longer if judges need to be contacted). Judges, please note you should keep your judge’s books for at least 12 months, and not just until the report is published as not every class winner is reported on. Championships are recorded in a Championship Register and also reported in the cavy press, as well as on the SCC website.

Southern Cavy Club Single Championship Certificate

Southern Cavy Club Quadruple Championship Certificate

Southern Cavy Club Junior Award

This award will be in the form of a certificate, and will be open to all junior members (ages 7 to 16 inclusive, i.e. up to but not including 17th birthday.) In order to qualify, the cavy must have won seven first prize cards in breed classes, with at least three exhibits in a class in the junior section.

If there are insufficient entries in the breed class, then a win in a challenge class will count provided that there are three or more entries in that class. Three of the judges must be different and not more than two of the classes may be won in young (under 5 months) or intermediate (5 to 8 months) classes. Please ensure that all necessary details of the cavy concerned (age, sex, breed, colour, etc.) are on the cards and that they have been signed by the judges concerned.

You should send your completed cards, together with an A5 S.A.E to the Championship Secretary, Mr Ian Reynolds, 16 Tennyson Road, Wootton Bassett, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN4 8HL.