The Southern Cavy Club is the premier club for the south of England. We offer information, advice and expertise whether you keep just a few cavies (guinea pigs) as pets, or whether you breed and show your cavies. The Southern Cavy Club caters for all breeds of cavies, including pets.

Cavy Shows

Cavy shows are held all over the UK. The Southern Cavy Club itself holds a number of stock shows each year. These are a Spring Stock Show, a Young Stock Show and an Adult Stock Show. A number of special shows just for pet cavies are also held annually.

Local cavy clubs in the south of the country affiliate to the Southern Cavy Club, and each of these clubs holds between one and four shows every year.

The Southern Cavy Club’s Stock and Pet Cavy Shows are held in conjunction with an affiliated club show, which plays host to the Southern Cavy Club on that day.

At all these cavy shows there are specific classes for pure bred cavies and separate classes for pet cavies.

Junior members

For juniors wishing to show their cavies in pet classes the age limit is from 5 years up to but not including 17 years of age.

For pure bred cavies shown by junior exhibitors, the age limit is from 7 years up to but not including 17 years of age. Junior members can also enter in the main show open classes as well, if they wish.


Even if you only have a couple of cross-bred or pet guinea pigs or do not wish to get involved in showing purebreds competitively, you can still go to shows and enter in the special pet classes which are judged purely on fitness, cleanliness and good behaviour.


The Southern Cavy Club awards trophies and lovely rosettes at all the above mentioned stock shows. The stock shows are held in different parts of the country each year depending on which local affiliated club is chosen as host.

Special Awards

All affiliated local clubs issue Southern Cavy Club ”Certificate of Merit” pen cards at their shows.

Those are given to major prizewinners at each show, including junior and pet classes. The winners, if Southern Cavy Club members, are able to obtain their Certificate from the Southern Cavy Club.