Wessex Cavy Club 3rd March 2019 Results

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Self. Gary Taylor.   N/Self:  Julie Gallagher.  Pets:  Becky Long

 BIS:                    51:     Peruvian 5/8.  D&M Oulton

Reserve:              25:     PE Golden 5/8.  D&M Oulton

3rd:                       9:     PE Golden AD.  D&M Oulton


First:                  25:     PE Golden 5/8.  D&M Oulton

2nd:                      9:     PE Golden AD.  D&M Oulton

3rd:                     11:     PE Golden AD.  D&M Oulton


First:                  51:     Peruvian 5/8.  D&M Oulton

2nd:                     56:     Teddy 5/8.  J&B Cavies

3rd:                     60:     Peruvian U/5. D&M Oulton

Marked & Ticked

First:                  64:     Black Dalmation AD. Wicormill Stud

2nd:                     69:     Lemon Agouti 5/8.  Pete Wren

3rd:                     74:     Golden Agouti 5/8.  Barnwell Stud

Guide Standard

First:                  73:     Swiss AD.  Springville Stud

2nd:                     77:     Swiss U/5.  Springville Stud

3rd:                      78:     Harlequin.  S&L Gooderidge


First:                129:     Caramel.


First:                  63:     Silver Agouti.  Daisy Broad

2nd:                     45:     American Crested Gold. Seth Tostevin

3rd:                      29:      Lilac. Daisy Broad

 Junior Pet

First:                  89:     (Dunford).  Dane & Teya Goodship

Adult Pet

First:                  99:     Smooth adult Boar.  Ark Royal Stud

2nd:                   109:     Rough 5/8 boar.  Katrina Goodship

3rd:                      96:    Rough 5/8 sow.  Ark Royal Stud