Star Scheme

The Southern Cavy Club Star Scheme is a way of celebrating the wins of your best cavies. Collecting stars can lead to winning trophies, rosettes or certificates.

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How do I win stars?

You can win stars when one of your cavies wins first place in a breed class at a show offering Southern Cavy Club (SCC) stars. These shows are either SCC Stock Shows, or shows held by local clubs which are affiliated to the SCC. Each show is awarded a star rating from 1 up to 5 stars, depending on the size and importance of the show and the number of judges. The star rating of each show is the number of stars you can claim for wins at that show. You can collect stars for pets as well as for purebred cavies.

You need to be a SCC member to collect SCC stars. Stars are collected on an annual basis from 1st January to 31st December, and are collected for each individual cavy, rather than for the exhibitor. Stars cannot be exchanged between cavies.

Only first place cards in breed classes count towards a claim, regardless of the number of entries in the class. Wins in challenge classes do not count towards collecting stars. Only SCC stars count, and stars can only be used once. Adult Star Awards are for 15, 30 or 45 stars. Junior Star Awards are for 10, 15 or 30 stars.

You can find out what star rating a show has by looking on the show’s paperwork, usually at the top of the front page of the show pack or on the advert.

Southern Cavy Club Star Scheme paper work

It will also be written on the prize cards, either on the front or on the back.

Southern Cavy Club Star Scheme prize card

On the card above, you can see that the breed is given but not the colour (AC means ‘any colour’, so all colours of crested are judged together in this class). The colour of your cavy therefore needs to be written on the back.

The back of the card must also be signed or initialled by the Club Secretary (BG in the example of a correctly completed card below) and any absentees in the class should be noted. You can see the cavy’s sex and name have been written and the judge has signed the card.

Southern Cavy Club Star Scheme Absentee card

What do I need to do with my prize cards?

So to recap, before you leave the show, make sure each card has all the correct information on it. The breed class and the age of the cavy will be on the front of the card. If the breed isn’t clearly stated, as in the example above, you must write the missing information on the back. Another example would be if you had entered in a combined class such as Fox/Tan/Otter, where your cavy is a Fox. You must write this on the back, together with a colour if appropriate, such as ‘Chocolate Fox’. You must also put the sex of the cavy, and can add its name if it has one!

Once you have checked that all the above information is present and correct, ask the judge to sign the card, which they will do after checking that the breed, colour, age and sex of the cavy appear somewhere on the card and that there are no alterations on the card. If any of this information is missing, it makes it very difficult for the Star Scheme Co-ordinator to check and approve applications for awards and may result in delays in approving claims, or even in having them rejected. (If a first place card is incorrect, Secretaries are requested to re issue the card.)

How do I claim my Star Award?

Method 1) at the end of the year, if you have sufficient cards to claim a Star Award, you need to send or give all the relevant cards to the Star Scheme Coordinator whose details can be found at the bottom of this card. If posting your cards, include a large stamped self addressed envelope (please ensure you pay the correct postage) for the safe return of your award and cards, or arrange to collect these at a show. Claims must be made by the 31st December to be valid.

Method 2) you can use a Star Record Card to record the wins of your cavies. You can record the wins of up to five cavies on each card. Cards can be obtained from the SCC or downloaded from the SCC website. You will need to ask a Star Scheme Official to stamp your card with the stars for each cavy. You should present the cards for checking at a show, after which your card will be marked with the number of stars won and validated with the official star stamp. After the last show you attend in the year, if you have gained enough stars to win an award, send the completed Star Record Card to the Star Scheme Coordinator, making sure that you have filled in all the details – your name and stud name if you use one, the name, breed, colour and sex of each cavy you are claiming for. Using this method you don’t need to send the prize cards.

Collecting stars can lead to winning the following awards:

Open Show and Adult Owned Pet Awards:
45 Star Trophy
30 Star Trophy
15 Star Rosette or Personalised Certificate (state which you would prefer when making your claim)
Junior Purebred & Junior Owned Pet Awards:
30 Star Trophy
15 Star Rosette or Personalised Certificate (state which you would prefer when making your claim)
10 Star Rosette or Personalised Certificate (state which you would prefer when making your claim)

Send your prize cards or completed Star Record Card(s) to
Margaret Hooper, 15 Westminster Road, Toothill, Swindon SN5 8JF

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Star Record Card Side 1a.pdf
Star Record Card Side 2.pdf