Affiliated Clubs: Guidelines for Running a Show

1. The maximum number of pigs that any judge should be expected to judge is 100. If the entry is more than this number, the judge must be contacted before the show date with this information. If requested by the judge, the show secretary will engage an additional judge.

2. Judging tables should be a minimum of 3.5 feet (1 metre) high. Consideration should be given to the height of the judge, the siting of tables with regard to access, good lighting and sufficient room for comfortable judging.

3. Judging stalls and a flat topped box should be supplied to each judge.

4. Judges are to be supplied with a list of absentees and spare ear labels.

5. A book steward to be provided for each judge if requested. The judge should be asked at the time of booking the engagement if they wish the club to provide a book steward, and details confirmed before the start of the show.

6. Stewards. A chief Steward appointed by the club for the day will be responsible for allocating at least one competent steward to each table throughout the day. Any visiting club will also be supplied with at least one steward. A copy of the SCC Guidelines for Stewards should be available.

7. Where possible, junior judging should be started and completed before lunch by a separate judge. Stewarding by junior exhibitors is to be encouraged provided they are competent. The SCC encourages the use of its Junior Judges Panel. Any junior wishing to judge must be at least 14 years of age. If inexperienced, arrange for an elected judge to help book steward.

8. Duplicate judging. It is recommended that larger shows have an odd number of judges or that a separate Best in Show judge is appointed. It is suggested that the Grand Challenge is completed before the age challenges.

9. Schedules. Clubs should reduce unnecessary duplicate classes in the open section which cause delays at the end of judging. A maximum of four places to be awarded in any one class.

10. The show should start promptly as advertised and any delay of more than half an hour should be reported to the SCC Show Secretary, with reason(s) for the delay. Lunch should be no more than one hour, and the show should aim to finish by 5pm. Any delay of more than one hour to be reported to the SCC.

11. Lunches. Book stewards, stewards etc. who are offered lunch and who are also exhibiting should sit away from the judges.

12. It is recommended that the size of show pens be 12” x 12” (0.3m x 0.3m) with ample, safe access.

13. Cavies for sale should be sold from sale pens supervised by a club official. SCC Sale Stock Guidelines are to be followed.

14. Finish. No exhibitor should lift pigs before all judging has finished, unless express permission has been given by the show committee.

15. Southern Cavy Club Show Regulations are to be displayed at the show.

16. Any problems encountered during the day or as a result of the show taking place which cannot be resolved by the show committee are to be reported to the SCC Show Support Secretary within 7 days of the incident.