SCC Show Regulations

1. These Regulations shall all apply to Southern Cavy Club stock shows and to any show held under SCC Show Regulations unless otherwise stated in the show advertisement.

Breed Standards and definitions
2. The Breed Standards to be judged to are those accepted by the British Cavy Council. Those breeds accepted by the English Self Cavy Club shall be called ‘Self’ cavies. All other breeds shall be called ‘Non-Self’ cavies. No single cavy may be entered in both Pure Bred and Pets sections at any show.

Entries for shows
3. No changes of entries shall be permitted after the closing date except where a bona fide and obvious error has been made on the part of either the Exhibitor or the Show Secretary. Exhibitors making entries for the show shall be liable to pay all entry fees necessary even if any or all their exhibits are absent for whatever reason.

Entry in different age limit classes in the show
4. An exhibit can only be shown in one age group at any one venue. No exhibit may be entered into ‘Young’ classes until it has attained the age of three months (13 weeks).

Prize money
5. The basis on which the prize money shall be paid shall be at the sole discretion of the Show Committee and must be clearly stated in the show schedule. The best three exhibits in a class, if awarded cards, shall be paid the prize money as advertised. In the event of there being less than three exhibits receiving cards then any prize money due to those not awarded shall be forfeited.

If the prize money is paid out at the show and an exhibitor does not collect that due to him/her then the Show Secretary/Treasurer shall not be required to forward same to the exhibitor and it shall be considered as a donation to the club staging the show, unless the exhibitor has been granted specific permission to leave the show early by the Show Secretary.

Exhibition by judges

  • a) A Judge may exhibit at any other show held at the same venue on the same day, providing that there is no common award for which their cavies may compete.
  • b) No person appointed to judge at a show of cavies shall exhibit in any other livestock section of the same show if there is a common award for which cavies may compete.
  • c) A person residing in the same household as a Judge may not exhibit cavies at any show at which that judge is officiating, save for Young Fanciers or Pet sections, at which the said judge is not officiating.

Any person judging at a venue and also exhibiting in accordance with the provisions of show regulations 6 and 8 (‘the judge’) shall immediately on arrival at the venue hand his or her exhibits to the show secretary or the show secretary’s authorised representative, who shall be responsible for the penning of such exhibits. In the case of longhaired exhibits, the judge shall also nominate to the show secretary a suitable person who has agreed to be responsible for presentation of such exhibits in the relevant specialist breed club stock show. In all cases the judge shall have no contact whatsoever with his or her exhibits until such time as judging has been completed both by the judge and in the relevant specialist breed club stock show. The above show regulations shall not prevent a show secretary from nominating a ‘referee judge’ who has been showing, providing that he/she does not have any pigs ‘involved’ in joint duplicate classes.

Exhibits previously owned by a Judge
7. No cavy previously owned by a Judge shall be eligible for exhibition under that Judge until a period of three months has elapsed from the date of change of ownership, except when the judge has been changed after the closing date of entries for the show.

Eligibility of exhibitors
8. Members of a partnership or those who exhibit using a prefix or stud name are ineligible to exhibit in any class where the age or sex of the exhibitor is limited if one or more of the members concerned are outside the limits specified for the class. Any person or persons residing in the same household as a judge of an Open Cavy Show may not exhibit cavies in the show at which the judge is officiating save that no person or persons shall be prevented from exhibiting at a Show held by any Specialist Breed Club recognised by the British Cavy Council (unless such a Judge is officiating at that specific Show). For purebred classes the juvenile age limit shall be from 7 years up to, but not including, 17 years. For pet classes the juvenile age limit shall be from 5 years up to, but not including, 17 years.

Ownership of exhibits
9. Every cavy exhibited at the show must at the time of the show be the bona fide property of the exhibitor in whose name it is entered.

Custody of exhibits
10. During the show all exhibits shall be in the custody of the Show Committee and may not be handled by any unauthorised person without official permission and, except in the case of illness of an exhibit, shall remain at the show until the completion of judging or the published lifting time, whichever is later, unless special permission has been granted by the Show Committee.

Identification of exhibits
11. No exhibit shall have any man-made distinguishing marks with the sole exception of a label provided by the Show Committee with the pen number of the exhibit written on it. This label should be on the ear of all breeds of cavy with the exception of long-haired varieties, in which case the label should be put on the show board.

Preparation of exhibits
12. It is prohibited to prepare cavies for exhibition in the show hall after the commencement of judging. All long-haired exhibits can be brushed out but no other form of preparation can be used. No preparation of exhibits, including grooming of long-haired exhibits, is allowed at the judging table unless specifically requested by the judge.

Exhibition of longhaired varieties
13. All exhibitors of longhaired cavies may provide their show boards not more than 50cm (20 inches) square with a flat top to be covered by plain, natural hessian and not higher than 15cm (6 inches). The Show Committee should make every effort to provide a table for brushing out longhaired exhibits.

Judging slips
14. The judge shall be responsible for marking all necessary awards on the judging slip after completing each class and, after initialling or signing the slip, must send it to the Show Secretary (or a deputised officer) as soon as possible after completing the class. The Show Secretary/card writer will ensure the reverse of the First Prize card of every breed class shows the number of absentees in that class (the front of the card must show the number entered in the breed class including absentees). No alteration may be made to the awards as shown on the slip for any class after it has been signed or initialled by the judge unless the judge and Show Secretary agree that a genuine mistake has been made in the awards.

Disqualification of exhibits
15. The judge shall disqualify any exhibit if he/she believes such exhibit is not in a fit condition of health to be judged and must disqualify any exhibit if he/she believes such exhibit:

  • a) is ineligible for the particular class in which it has been entered, or
  • b) has been excessively or improperly prepared for exhibition, or
  • c) is older than the age limit for the class or is in a condition of more advanced development than is generally considered satisfactory for a cavy of a particular breed at the maximum age limit of the class, or
  • d) is subject to any disqualification in the breed standard not covered by the above.

Disqualification for excessive or improper preparation
16. In the event of the judge disqualifying an exhibit under 15(b) above, he/she must report the matter to the Show Secretary who shall inform the judge of the name and address of the owner of the disqualified exhibit. The judge shall then notify the Secretary of the Southern Cavy Club in writing of the nature of the disqualification, the name and address of the owner(s) and any other relevant details. In the event of the exhibitor twice being reported to the Secretary of the Southern Cavy Club for excessive or improper preparation by two separate judges then the Secretary of the Southern Cavy Club shall inform the exhibitor in writing of such reports. Should a third such report be lodged with the Secretary of the Southern Cavy Club then he/she shall pass the matter on together with all associated documentation, to the Investigation panel of the Southern Cavy Club who shall deal with the matter.

It shall be lawful if an exhibit has been disqualified for excessive or improper preparation for the officiating judge, in the presence of the show secretary and the exhibitor of the said exhibit, to take a small sample of the coat of the said exhibit by hand grooming. In this event half of the sample so taken shall be given to the said exhibitor for his/her safe keeping and half shall be sealed in an envelope which shall be signed by the officiating judge and the show secretary and shall be sent by the judge with the report on the disqualification to the Secretary of the Southern Cavy Club. The removal of guard hairs by hand is permissible.


  • a) Stewards are empowered to handle exhibits during the period of the show, but only for the purpose of taking the exhibit to and from the judging table. Stewards are forbidden to carry more than one exhibit at any one time and
    they should take care of the exhibit in their charge when they are stewarding it.
  • b) No exhibitor shall enter the area behind the judging table other than the designated book steward or show secretary, unless specifically invited to do so by the judge.

18. In the interests of safety, smoking is prohibited in any room, hall or other place where cavies are penned or exhibited on the occasion of any show held under Southern Cavy Club Rules. [NOTE. This only bans smoking where there is a fire risk from hay/sawdust – it does not ban smoking from the whole venue.]

Communication with a judge
19. No exhibitor shall communicate in any way with a judge at any time prior to the completion of judging regarding:

  • a) any comment relating to any exhibit being shown under said judge with the exception of those comments relating to either illness or of an injury to an exhibit or the possible risk to health of other exhibits by the presence of an exhibit, or
  • b) any form of identification of any exhibit which said exhibitor may be showing under said judge.
    If any exhibitor does so communicate then the judge may request the Show Secretary to disqualify any or all the exhibits of said exhibitor from the show at which the said judge is officiating.

Responsibility for damage
20. The Southern Cavy Club, the Show Committee, its organisers, stewards or officers shall not be responsible for any loss or damage occasioned to any exhibit or exhibitor at the show.

Conditions of entry
21. It is a condition of entry of any show held under Southern Cavy Club Show Regulations that each exhibitor agrees for the purpose of the show to be bound by the Southern Cavy Club Show Regulations.

Organisation of shows
22. The organisers of the show or their representatives shall:

  • a) be fully responsible for the carrying out and fulfilment of the Show Regulations and the correct conduct of the show.
  • b) be entirely responsible for payment to winners of the advertised prize money.
  • c) provide adequate penning and, when necessary, feeding for exhibits.
  • d) provide judging tables and, when required, a table for exhibitors of longhaired cavies to brush out their exhibits.
  • e) be authorised to refuse any entries without assigning a reason to the exhibitor. In the case of an objection by the exhibitor, the Show Organisers would have to justify their decision to the Investigation Committee.
  • f) prepare judging books showing all pen numbers and class and special prize definitions but containing no information as to the identity or ownership of any individual exhibits.
  • g) appoint a judge or judges and be responsible for payment requested by them.
  • h) advise the judges of the pen numbers of absent exhibits.
  • i) ensure that all exhibits have an ear label showing its pen number.
  • j) ensure that no person gives the judge any indication as to the ownership of any exhibit not already placed and that no attempt be made in any way to influence his/her awards.

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