Guidelines for Stewards

These Guidelines are to be available and read by all stewards allocated on the day of the show.

1. The appointed Chief Steward or Show Secretary must ensure enough competent stewards are available for the whole day, with at least one allocated per table.

2. Stewards must never carry more than one cavy at a time. SCC Show Regulations No. 17.

3. To remove the cavy from its pen, carefully open the door, lift the animal with both hands, one hand under the body, the other lightly over the top, bringing the animal out head first, taking care not to injure the animal on the door frame, with special attention to the legs and feet.

4. Carry the cavy to the table, one hand firmly under the body by placing the palm of the hand between the front and back legs. Place the other hand over the top of the shoulders with the thumb and forefinger touching behind the ears.

5. Never hold a cavy with a tight grip as this can lead to internal injuries.

6. Never carry a cavy next to the chest or cover the back of the animal by placing a hand completely on top as this can affect the condition of prepared rough coated cavies.

7. Check that the ear label corresponds with the pen number the cavy is in, and always ensure the cavy is returned to the correct pen. If a cavy has no ear label, take a note of the pen you are collecting it from, and advise the judge or book steward immediately you reach the judge’s table. A replacement ear label will then be written.

8. Never communicate with the judge other than to advise of a problem. SCC Show Regulation Rule 19.

9. Politely ask anyone blocking movement to stand aside. If the problem persists, seek help from the Show Secretary / Manager.

10. Always ensure the welfare of the animal, and report any problems to the Show Secretary.