Guidelines for Providing Sale Pens for Exhibitors at Cavy Shows

1. Each cavy should be provided with suitable food for the day, including hay and juicy vegetables such as cucumber, celery etc, or a water bottle.

2. The club should provide an advice/information sheet on care of cavies for all purchasers.

3. The vendor should supply their contact details to be given to the purchaser at time of sale.

4. The Sale Stock Stewards must closely examine each animal to make sure it is quite fit. Cavies showing signs of illness, fungal or parasitic infections (such as Sellnick’s Mange) should be refused. Cavies infested with running lice should also be refused.

5. Undersized cavies should be refused. The SCC suggests a minimum weight of 400g (approx. 14 oz).

6. The club should consider introducing a minimum price to deter impulse buying. ‘Free to good home’ should also be discouraged for the same reason. As this advice is largely aimed at the general public who may be buying cavies, the club may like to add a rider that fanciers / exhibitors are free to negotiate a price with the seller.

7. The sale stock stewards should ask sufficient questions of the prospective purchaser, if a novice or a member of the general public, to be satisfied that the cavy being purchased will be properly looked after. The Sale Stock Stewards have the Club Committee’s backing to refuse to sell to unsuitable people.