Southern Cavy Club Rules 2019

1. The name of the club shall be the Southern Cavy Club. The area in which the Club’s activities shall be conducted shall be that area of England and Wales from West to East Coasts which lies to the south and south west of a line drawn from Aberystwyth on the West Coast and including Aberystwyth, to Birmingham and including the whole city of Birmingham, to Market Harborough and including Market Harborough, to Lowestoft on the East Coast, and including the Scilly Isles, the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, and the former Avon, the Isle of Wight and Channel Isles, also the county of Norfolk.

2. The object of the Club is to promote the breeding of all varieties of cavy by supporting and also holding shows of cavies and doing whatever shall, in the opinion of the Executive, be necessary, appropriate or advisable for protecting and advancing the interests of the Club and the breeding and showing of cavies of all kinds.

3. The Executive may in its absolute discretion and without assigning a reason therefore accept or refuse any candidate for membership. No member who is more than seven days’ in arrears with his or her subscription shall be entitled to or receive any of the privileges of membership. In the case of all adult members who are in arrears with their subscription, if the appropriate subscription is not paid by such member in default by the 28th February, the name of such member shall be removed from the club’s records and he or she shall no longer be a member. Persons or partners who join the Club after the end of September in any year shall be entitled to have their membership carried on through the subscription then paid until the 31st day of December in the following year. Associate membership may be granted to overseas residents, at fees determined by the Executive Committee, but such members shall have no voting rights. Every member shall be supplied with a copy of the rules of the Southern Cavy Club and thereupon the payment by such person of a subscription of membership shall be deemed to indicate that such member acknowledges and is in agreement with and will observe and be bound by the rules of the Club so long as he or she shall continue to be a member.

4. The management of the Club shall be vested in the Executive, consisting of the President, one Vice President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary or Joint General Secretaries, Treasurer, two Assistant Secretaries, two Show Secretaries, and a Committee consisting of not more than eleven members. Members of the Executive except the General Secretary (or Joint General Secretaries) and Treasurer shall retire every other year and can offer themselves for re-election. The President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, two Assistant Secretaries, two Show Secretaries, and eleven Committee members shall be elected every other year by ballot.

The Vice President to be elected biennially from within the Executive by the Executive. No person under the age of 18 years can be nominated as a member of the Executive. In order to be nominated as a member of the Executive, a person shall have been a fully paid up member of the SCC for at least the three years preceding nomination, unless in the opinion of the Executive an individual has particular knowledge or expertise that will be an asset to the SCC.
Young persons between the ages of 14 and 18 years may be nominated as delegates to the Executive. Young Fanciers’ Delegates shall number three and be elected every other year by ballot.

The general business of the Club shall be conducted by the Executive who, for such purposes, shall hold meetings as the majority of the Executive for the time being shall consider necessary and such meetings shall be held at such times and places as shall be decided on by the Executive. The
Secretary shall give all members of the Executive not less than seven days’ notice of the time and place of each meeting.

The Quorum for an Executive meeting shall be six.

Any vacancy which occurs in the Executive of the club or in the Young Fanciers’ Delegates to the Executive shall be filled until the end of the current period of office by the member who at the previous election received the largest number of votes for the position vacated but was not elected. In the case of a vacancy occurring in the Executive where the member of the Executive concerned was returned unopposed at the previous election the Executive may co-opt any member of the club to fill such vacancy until the end of the current period of office. No member of the Executive or a Young Fanciers’ Delegate to the Executive shall continue in office if he or she ceases to be a bona fide member or is under suspension.

  • 4a The Nomination of a candidate for election as an Officer and/or Judge shall be made by at least one adult member in writing and forwarded to the Secretary together with the written consent of the nominee. All existing Officers and Club Judges shall be automatically included on the ballot papers each ballot unless the Secretary is notified in writing to the contrary. All adult members to be given at least 21 days’ notice in writing and/or fancy press, of the closing date of nominations each year. All nominees must reside in the area defined in Rule 1 and shall be fully paid up members of the Club and not under suspension.
  • 4b General Secretary (or Joint General Secretaries) and a Treasurer shall be appointed by the Executive, such appointments being terminable by the Executive, giving written reasons, at any time and without notice. All adult members to be given at least 21 days’ notice in writing and/or fancy press of the closing date for applications to be made to the Executive for these positions. All candidates must reside in the area defined in Rule 1 and shall be fully paid up members of the club and not under suspension. The General Secretary (or Joint General Secretaries) and Treasurer shall be deemed to be members of the Executive for the purposes of voting and club business and for constituting quorums.

5. There shall be one auditor appointed by the SCC Executive Committee.

6. The Club shall provide a panel of 30 Judges. There will be a further panel of six Honorary Life Judges consisting of
member judges who in the opinion of the Southern Cavy Club Executive have given long and honourable service to the Southern Cavy Club. The minimum age limit for candidates for the judges panel is 18 years. A panel of six Young Fanciers Judges (members 14 to 21 years) for the purpose of judging Junior Purebred section only, to be elected biennially by ballot by members. Such Junior Purebred sections to be judged by elected Panel Judges or Young Fanciers Judges only. Any vacancies which may occur on the panel of Club Judges shall be filled by the highest placed unsuccessful candidate. No judge shall continue to be on the panel if he or she ceases to be a fully paid up member or is under suspension.
All candidates for the judging panel must have been a member of the club for the past 5 years, or 6 out of 10 years. Any former judge who has left the judging panel shall be permitted to stand for re-election once during the six years following leaving the panel.

7. Life Members. Members may nominate a candidate in writing to the Executive Committee for consideration, prior to the Executive making recommendation to an AGM.

8. The Club may award Honorary Membership to any person who in the opinion of the Executive has rendered services to the Club no matter what part of England or Wales such person may reside. Honorary Membership shall only be awarded at an Annual General Meeting and a person in receipt of such distinction shall have the power of voting but shall not be entitled to compete for Club specials.

9. Junior members shall not have any voting power so long as they continue to pay Junior Subscription.

10. In the case of Joint Membership, such as in the case of partnerships, there shall only be one vote for the Joint Membership if only Joint Membership subscription is paid in respect thereof, but if every member pays a full membership subscription each Partner shall be entitled to be considered a separate member and shall be entitled to vote.

11. Upon the written request of not less than 25 members the Secretary must convene a General Meeting of the Club within 42 days of being so requested.

12. Any member who wishes to make a complaint or allegation must lodge the same in writing within 30 days of knowledge of the event or action with the Chair of the Investigation Panel together with a deposit of £30.00 payable to the Southern Cavy Club.

    • (a) If the complaint is not upheld/proven then the deposit shall be forfeited.
    • (b) Such complaint or allegation must relate to a breach of the Club’s Rules or Show Regulations, or discreditable conduct relating to cavies or arising out of a show of cavies
    • (c) On receipt of any such complaint or allegation (the “complaint”) the Chair of the Investigation Panel will acknowledge its receipt from the complainant, and notify the Respondent in writing of the allegations made against them. This will be by Recorded Delivery within 14 days. The Chair shall forward the complaint to the Mediator within 21 days.
    • (d) The Chair and Mediator will make an initial assessment to ensure that the complaint is valid under Rule 14B and decide whether the complaint could be resolved by mediation. If mediation is not viable or mediation fails to resolve the complaint within 21 days, the matter will be referred to the Investigating Panel. The Chair of the Investigating Panel will then notify all parties that an Investigating Panel will be formed within 14 days of either the assessment or failure of mediation.
      The Investigating Panel shall comprise four members, including the Chair of the Investigating Panel and three Members to be appointed by the Investigating Panel Chair from the list of eligible Members provided by the Club Secretary. Such Members shall have been members of the SCC for a minimum of 10 years.
      If the Chair or any other member of the Panel has prior personal knowledge of the substance of the complaint, then they shall not be eligible to sit on the Panel hearing the complaint, and further Members, similarly qualified shall be appointed to the Panel by the appointed Chair as required.
      The Chair of the Investigating Panel shall arrange a meeting of the Panel to consider all the documentation submitted and the Panel will determine if a decision can be made at this stage based on the evidence submitted.
      The Panel shall be fully entitled to obtain (either before or after considering the evidence), and to act on, such legal or other expert advice as they may consider necessary or desirable.
      The Investigating Panel may decide that a further meeting is necessary (to be held within 30 days) and may invite the Complainant and Respondent to attend or submit further evidence (giving 14 days’ notice of the meeting).
      If the Complainant or Respondent does not wish to address the Investigating Panel in person but chooses to be represented by a representative, the representative of their choosing shall by a Member of the Southern Cavy Club.
      The Investigating Panel shall at all times act in accordance with the rules of natural justice.
      The Investigation Panel will endeavour to reach a decision at the earliest opportunity, normally within 21 days of the meeting. In the event that additional time is required, all parties to the “complaint” will be advised that a further 21 days will be required.
    • (e) If the Panel shall find the complaint proven by a majority of those voting then they shall have the power (subject to the right of appeal) to impose any or all of the following penalties on the Respondent-:
      1. Disqualification of an exhibit.
      2. Termination of membership of the Club
      3. Suspension for such time and in such manner and subject to such conditions as the Panel may decide.
      4. Disqualification for life or any shorter period from being a Member, Officer, or Panel Judge of the Club.
      5. Disqualification for life or any shorter period from exhibiting at or taking part in any shows held under SCC Show Regulations.
      6. A severe reprimand and/or warning not to repeat the offence.
      7. Imposition of a fine of such amount (not exceeding £50) as the Panel may decide.
    • (f) Within seven days of concluding the hearing of the complaint, the Chair of the Panel shall notify the Complainant and the Respondent of the decision of the Panel and any penalties imposed. This notification shall be in writing and posted Recorded Delivery. Within 30 days after receipt of such notification the Complainant or Respondent shall have the right of appeal to the Executive. Such right is to be exercised by notification in writing to the Chair of the Panel.
      For the purposes of such appeal, the Appeal Panel shall follow the same rules and procedures and shall have the same powers as the Investigating Panel. No member of the original Panel shall be part of the appeal hearing. The Appeal Panel’s decision shall be final.
    • (g) Any member whose membership is terminated under sub clause (e) hereof shall forfeit from the date of termination all right or claim as a Member of the Club and shall send to the Secretary of the Club any trophies or other Club property in his or her possession.
    • (h) (a) “Notification” shall be in the form of a letter posted by Recorded Delivery
      (b) Members of the Panel hearing any complaint or appeal shall be entitled to be reimbursed by the Club for any expenses reasonably incurred by them in carrying out their duties. They may also at their sole discretion authorise payment by the Club of the reasonable expenses of any witness heard.
    • (i) If the Investigating Panel is of the opinion that any complaint is malicious and/or quite unfounded then they may deem such complaint “discreditable conduct” for the purposes of this Rule and lodge a complaint to this effect on their own account with the Appeal Chair, whereupon the provisions of this Rule shall again apply, save that the Panel shall include three members who did not hear the original complaint.
    • (j) As soon as possible after the appeal period has expired (or, if the right of appeal is exercised, as soon as possible after the Executive shall have heard the same), the Panel shall at its discretion arrange for brief details of the complaint and the decision of the Panel to be published in the cavy press and in any other manner in which the Panel (or Executive, if appropriate) shall reasonably direct.

13. A Championship Certificate may be granted to the cavy, with the exception of a New/Emerging breed. The cavy to win seven first prizes in straight breed classes at Open Pen Shows where the total number of entries in the Breed Class is three or over. If the Breed Class has less than three entries, a win for a Championship may be counted if the cavy is declared Best of Breed, from a challenge class of not less than eight entries in all age groups, the judge to sign the challenge card as Best of Breed, or is awarded Best Self or Best Non-Self. At least two of these wins to be at Southern Cavy Club Stock Shows. The judges to be Southern Cavy Club, National Cavy Club, Scottish, Northern, Midland or Specialist Club Judges, or any foreign judge on his or her National Judging Panel. For Specialist Club Judges a Championship claim will only be recognised if the win is for the breed that the Judge is elected as a Specialist Club Judge. Five of the Club Judges must be different and not more than two of the first prizes may have been won in young or intermediate classes.

14. The Southern Cavy Club shall hold a Young Stock Show and Adult Stock Show annually, also such further shows as the finances of the Club permit. The Executive shall be empowered to refuse any entries at any shows held under their Rules or patronage without assigning a reason therefore to the prospective exhibitor. In the case of an objection by the exhibitor, the Show Organisers would have to justify their decision to the Investigation Committee.

15. A judge may not be nominated to judge the same section at both the Young and Adult Stock Shows, or, both Spring and Summer Stock Shows, in the same year, but shall be eligible to judge duplicate classes and award trophies and special prizes.

A judge officiating at any of the Club’s Stock Shows may not be nominated to judge the same section at the same show the following year, but shall be eligible to judge duplicate classes and award trophies and award special prizes.
The judges for the Stock Shows to be appointed by the Executive from the SCC Judging Panel. When necessary, judges from other judging panels may be invited to judge SCC Stock shows, subject to the approval of the Executive. No members can be nominated to judge at a Stock Show until he or she has been on the SCC judging panel for at least one year, or, has been previously on the panel for at least two years.

16. The Rules and Show Regulations of the Club shall not be altered, expunged or added to, except by resolution at the Annual General Meeting. All such resolutions, if passed by the Annual General Meeting, shall be included in the next postal ballot for ratification or rejection by the members. No other AGM resolution concerning the Rules shall be effective unless approved by a majority of those voting in the postal ballot. A majority of one shall be sufficient for such an AGM decision to be considered effective. No Rules or Show Regulations can be altered at an AGM until a period of two years has elapsed since the last addition or alteration. Any member who wishes to make a resolution affecting Rules or Show Regulations must give at least 42 days written notice to the Secretary of the proposed resolution.

17. All Cups, Bowls and Trophies awarded by the Southern Cavy Club are for fully paid-up Members only, but remain the property of the Club and shall be competed for annually or as often as the Executive shall from time to time deem fit. To qualify for trophies the member’s subscription must be received at least 30 days before the event. Every winner of Cups, Bowls or Trophies shall guarantee to the Executive the safe custody thereof and undertake to return the same within 30 days after application for same by the Cup Secretary, or in default of such return such winner be liable to replace same at his or her expense.

18. The Executive shall have the power to deal with any matter not specifically referred to in the Rules, if in the opinion of the Executive it shall be in the interests of the Club Members, breeders or exhibitors for them to do so, and in particular may appoint a sub-Committee or sub-Committees consisting of Club Members to investigate any complaints, allegations or other similar matters, (other than matters covered by Show Regulation 16) and to report their findings to the Executive. Subscriptions shall be reviewed annually and decided by the Executive.

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