Club Rules

This is a set of agreed rules for the management and operation of the Club. It states the objectives of the Club and explains how the Executive Committee is elected to run the Club on behalf of the members. The Rules cover such points as types of membership and subscriptions, ballots, meetings, holding of stock shows and provision of a judging panel, handling of complaints and how and when the rules can be amended. The authority of the Committee flows from the Rules because every member has agreed to those Rules when he/she signs up as a member. Therefore the Executive Committee Members act as agents for all the Club members.

Show Regulations

At a cavy show, exhibitors bring their cavies to be judged against one another by panel judges, using the breed standards accepted by the British Cavy Council. Show Regulations set out what is expected of the club organising the show in respect of the provision of show pens, judging tables, judging books and the appointment of judge(s) for the show etc. Show Regulations also set out in what circumstances judges may exhibit, what preparation of the cavy is not permitted for exhibition and also what factors will lead to disqualification of an exhibit by the presiding judge. Exhibitors automatically agree to abide by the SCC Show Regulations when they enter a cavy or cavies into either a SCC Stock Show or a show run by a club which is affiliated to the SCC.

Black American Crested Black Guinea Pig, photography by Lyndon Nowell
Black American Crested Black Guinea Pig, photography by Lyndon Nowell


Guidelines should be viewed as best practices that are not at present requirements, but which are strongly recommended. They aim to set standards in the future and they serve as a reference when no applicable standard is in place.  The Southern CC uses guidelines as a way of providing initial advice when a potential new set of rules is being considered. The advantage of starting a process with guidelines is that these can easily be adjusted as feedback is received, whereas a Club Rule or Show Regulation cannot be changed except by agreement with all the members via an AGM and subsequent ballot.